Big poor City garments styles offered for purchase

Jun 4, 2022 Clothing Accessories

…more like poor Ass style garments !
The guy behind the tee shirts brand huge poor City, Cristopher Lovell has effectively completed the Kickstarter campaign as well as the new styles are now on general sale. Big poor City garments styles offered for purchase !
Besides me fangirling for this remarkable designer, he is one skilled guy who creates a few of the most complex graphics out there.  I mean, look at this weird bastard:

Big poor City garments styles offered for purchase !
Comic characterYou’re in love, I know. as well as if this was not excellent enough, Cristopher is likewise pampering the Tshirt factory visitors with a discount rate code – by entering the code FACTORY you get 10% off any type of order.
I vow this guy can do nothing wrong. He comes across as a moderate dude, too, from what I gather on his Facebook page, taking the time to response everyone.
I am glad the Kickstarter job was successful as well as am looking ahead to a lot more of his horror designs.
Big poor CityBig poor CityThe Art of Christopher LovellThe Art of Christopher Lovell

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