10 Bizarre things You hear When You walk Out Sans Kajal For a Day

Dec 8, 2022 Clothing Accessories

for every desi girl, the staple makeup item is their kajal! You can’t do without it and the day you do, all hell breaks loose! That’s the problem with getting accustomed to kajal. one day without it and people will be asking you hundreds of different questions. here are 10 bizarre things you get to hear when you walk out sans kajal for a day.
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1. looks Camiseta West Ham United like sleep Deserted You Last Night
‘Yes, I know, I may not be on top of my form today, but wait till I get hands on my kajal. I’ll be normal tomorrow. Please stop worrying about me! I slept very fine thank you!’ ~ Every girl who forgot to wear her kajal today!
Source: momtrends.com2. Are You Hung over?
For the thousandth time, no! just because I don’t have some kajal on does not mean that I’m perennially drunk! I’m absolutely fit and fine!

Source: popsugar-assets.com
3. You look So Different!
Thank god you recognized me right? Yes, I forgot to wear my ammo today, which explains why I look so different! Please stop rubbing it in!

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Source: ytimg.com4. Oh my god, you look sick!
Thank you for letting me know! As a matter of fact, I don’t look sick at all! but if you do feel that I’m sick, I would love to take a day off from work!

Source: wholisticfitliving.com5. have You Been Bawling Your Eyes Out?
Unfortunately, no schadenfreude for you! No I was not crying my heart out. I just forgot to have some makeup on and that made all the difference!
Source: ytimg.com6. You look Oriental!
You can be very racist! just because I haven’t lined my eyes with kohl today does not mean that I changed races! I have smoldering eyes, by the way. thank you very much!

9. I thought You Are a Man!
Wow! That was a cherry on the top! how can you confuse me to be a man! I have very womanly proportions, thank you very much! just because I can’t roll my eyes on you without my favourite ammo does not mean that I won’t!
Source: wordpress.com10. You Don’t really care about looks Do you?
Yes, I live by the golden words-Looks are NOT everything! just kidding! Of course I do care about looks! but just because I forgot to use kajal today does not mean that I have given up on myself! look at me tomorrow and you would be amazed.
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Source: wordpress.comBut the bottom line is you will look good even without any makeup! You rule girl! just go out there and have fun! clearly absence of kajal will not ruin your day!
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